The ultimate Stairmaster

Spaghetti legs. That’s how I finished up my week after a 3 mile-ish walk along the section of the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu today. Definitely a live it kind of day!

Runkeeper says it was only 2.15 miles (according to the map of my trek) but I didn’t think about turning it on until I had already walked a mile. However, I did see that the GPS detected an overall elevation gain of 667 feet. A good part of that elevation gain was almost enough to finish me for good. This particular trek is definitely not for the faint of heart, but the view is pretty spectacular. As a result of this particular jaunt, not only did I get some good exercise in – to make up for slacking due to the travel time to get here – but I got in a whole week’s worth of exercise in one day! Runkeeper said I burned just over 600 calories today, and that doesn’t count the extra mile I put in before starting the clock.

Before I took off for China, I checked my stats. I did a great job of tracking during the week and noted the following averages for the week:

Fiber Fat Carb Protein Weight Watchers pts
Goal 40 g 27% 52% 21% 30
Average 35 g 36% 54% 10% 30

I didn’t get to my fiber goal, although I was a lot closer to it than I would get if I ate a typical American diet. My fat-carb-protein averages were off, with too much fat and not enough protein, so I’ll work on the protein next. I ate mostly vegetarian meals all week, but I can’t let protein slip too much when I do that. Overall, I’m not sweating as Fat can be in the 20-35% range and I’m barely over. Carbs can be in the 45-6% range and Protein can be in the 10-35% range. Bottom line – there’s room for improvement, but nothing earth-shattering (or belt-busting) here. My Weight Watcher (WW) points were right on target, and that’s been my most effective test of whether I’m going in the right direction or not with food consumption.

Because I did maintain focus and my WW points, I should be on track to see some changes. In fact, I did however manage to drop some weight as you can see in this chart from MyNetDiary. Yes, I was losing it as long as I was tracking my food intake during the week. When I stopped tracking – due to my travel from Las Vegas (departing on January 17) to Beijing (arriving on 19 January) – my weight drifted back up again. I thought I’d be unable to check weight while in Beijing, but my hotel room has a scale in it! Of course, it could be out of sync with my scale, but let’s presume that it’s accurate. I weighed before my Great Wall adventure, and I’m off for another day of walking this weekend so it will be interesting to see what happens on the scale.

In this chart, the solid blue line is my weight, and the dashed line near the solid blue line represents the projected weight loss if I keep to the MyNetDiary suggestions for food. The actual target is shown as a dashed line near the bottom of the chart.

Water goal was not achieved. I managed to drink about half of what I was supposed to drink. As I was preparing for my trip to China, I was busy trying to get a lot of things done and totally would forget about  drinking water. I need a better strategy for reminding myself to do this. Anyone out there have ideas?

On the other hand, I did make a new recipe before I left Las Vegas. Details to follow soon. This week will be interesting as I will be dining out most of the time. Tonight I was in a Japanese restaurant. In China. Go figure… My only authentic Chinese food thus far has been some dumplings at breakfast and a snack made from walnuts coated in honey and sesame seeds that I bought at the Great Wall. I’m going to try to balance my desire to try all things tasty and wonderful with extra exercise and a bit of restraint. Back to tracking…

As for my GetHawt assignment, I need an accountability partner. I think I’ll ask my daughter to help me here. I know she started going back to the gym recently and she knows I’ve been working on diet and exercise. It should be fun!