photo by durentu via PhotoRee

Welcome to the inaugural post for my personal blog. I’ve been blogging for a few years on topics related to the consulting and education work that I do in the Business Intelligence world. But as much time and energy as I put into my work, it’s not the only thing that interests me. However, I’m guilty of letting my work life overtake my personal life lately, so this blog is my way of making myself more accountable for making time for the many other things I want to learn and do besides work (gasp!) Now that another year has started, it seems an appropriate time to get serious about my personal goals.

Reviewing Goals for 2011

Last year I gave it some thought to how I wanted to spend my personal time and was even brave enough to make my personal 2011 goals public. How did I do? Well, not well on the two main topics that I targeted for my free time. I got distracted by a lot of work projects. But I did do some amazing things in other areas that I’m proud of – things I didn’t set out to do -such as losing 30 pounds and getting more fit and healthy, and preparing for a move to the Alaskan wilderness. I’ve learned a lot from my these “diversions” (with oh so much more to learn) and I still have my rollover goals from last year to tackle.

Setting Goals for 2012

I’ve got a busy year ahead already. Some international adventures await and a cross-country move is in store. Nonetheless, my biggest goal for the year is to take a closer look at my interests. I enjoy what I do for a living A LOT, but I find time is passing by faster and faster. So I am dedicating this blog to my excursions into the things in this world that fascinate me and the places I get to see along the way. In short, I need to get grokking. Who knows where this will lead? For now, I plan to focus on the following areas:

    • Photography – I want to be able to document my adventures with a bit more pizzazz and explore the full range of features that my Nikon D90 has to offer. Sure, I can produce some decent photos in automatic mode, but it seems like a waste of good equipment if I leave it at that.
    • Astronomy – I have a telescope that I’d like to learn to use. It’s shameful that I haven’t used it at all this last year. I have a lot of excuses, but enough excuses. I need to take advantage of the mostly clear skies in Las Vegas while I can.
    • Nutritious cooking– I managed to make a huge difference in my life this past year. I dropped a lot of weight. I feel great. Now I need to encourage my husband to do the same. The only way to do that is through his stomach. He’s been the cook in the family throughout our entire marriage, but now it’s time to turn the tables. Of course, I can’t just be satisfied with finding good recipes. I want to understand what makes food good for us.
    • Going simple – I don’t know what else to call this topic, so we’ll call it “going simple” for now. I’m leaving the city lifestyle of Las Vegas for the rustic lifestyle of Alaska this year and that requires a lot of changes. Some people think it’s crazy. Some people think it’s cool. Whatever it is, most people are curious. Even me! I’ll be sharing the experience and the things I learn along the way. Of all the things I plan to do this year, I know this one is not going to get sidelined!

Stay Tuned!

Yes, it’s an eclectic set of topics. But I’m an eclectic kind of gal. The bottom line is that I love to learn. I find that I learn better when I explain something in writing, so I plan to use this blog to document my learning excursions, both literal and figurative. If you find something interesting here, then so much the better! And if you have something to share that expands our collective knowledge, please do!